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Kinder by Bergen

Kinder Chair Seat Height 200

Kinder Chair Seat Height 200


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  • Available in two heights (120 & 200mm)
  • Chairs have handles to allow easy carry by adults
  • Made from strong laminated beech, Finished in *HYGIENILAC wood lacquer
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth (then dry)
  • Exclusively by Morleys

* HYGIENILAC wood lacquer is the first wood lacquer available in the UK that eliminates 99% of bacteria, including MRSA, salmonella and e.coli. Items treated with Hygienilac should be cleaned by simply using a clean, damp cloth, The surface must then be dried. Hygienilac prevents the bacteria's access to nutrients so they starve and die. It eliminates 99.9% over a 24 hour period. Hygienilac is used in hospitals, care homes, nurseries, offices and in homes, and now on our Bergen range for schools and nurseries.
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