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Silishapes Dot Numbers Pk10

Silishapes Dot Numbers Pk10


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Green numbers 0-9 showing the value of each digit in rasied dots on the surface of the number shape. Use this set for number recognition, ordering numbers, counting the dots and matching the dots to numbers. Pk10. Age 3+. As Featured In Our Light Panel Guide
2014 PPS Silver Award Winner!
  • SiliShapes are a new concept for pre-schools, nurseries and primary schools. These packs of alphabet letters and numbers made from silicon - a very strong, stable and inherently safe material that can be used and then cleaned in a dishwasher without harm. It is soft and pliable to the touch so is ideal for younger children from 3+. They are made in transparent colours that can be used by children in their everyday play - in the sand pit, on the floor, on a light panel and even in water without harm. Made in a large format and in a school friendly font, SiliShapes are 12cm in height for easy handling by children and by teachers for demonstration purposes or for display. There are 5 sets - all colour coded so they can be easily sorted when in use together.

  • Supports the EYFS & KS1 National Curriculum:
  • EYFS Physical Development: Moving & Handling
    EYFS Mathematics: Numbers
    EYFS Understanding the World: Technology
    KS1 Mathematics: Number
    Supports quality provision using ITERS and ECERS
  • ITERS-R:15. Activities - Fine motor
    ECERS-R/E: Activities, Mathematics
  • What the 2014 PPS Silver Award testers said:
  • The children were immediately attracted to these as the colours were bright and eye-catching. They loved the feel of them and said there were like pancakes! They are excellent for number and letter recognition and counting or spelling. The dots also encourage counting and matching. The children enjoyed tracing the shape of the number and letters which encourages correct formation. A fantastic accessory for the light panel too. A very reasonable price!
  • Specification
    Green. Size: Height: 120mm.
    SiliShapes Dot Numbers Green - Pk10
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